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Video: 17 serene miles in Sweden

If the Man v Horse race is my most batshit mental run of the past year, this is my most serene. Me and some mates kayaked to a forested peninsula in the St Anna Archipelago, southern Sweden, and I spent the next three hours or so exploring the trails, coves and headlands of this beautiful place. Here’s what I found…

Minute long marathon: 26 miles on the Costa Brava

I love Spain’s Costa Brava. But last summer it nearly broke me. The Mrs says I only have myself to blame. We were supposed to be on holiday, but I decided the heatwave we were enjoying was the perfect opportunity to get in some training for the Marathon des Sables. So I got up at 4am and spent the rest of the morning clambering up and down the area’s beautiful cliff paths, across its beaches and through its forests. Here’s what I found!

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   Why the hell are they called the South Downs anyway? It was as my lungs were bursting on today’s run (definitely more ups than downs) that I remembered reading somewhere or other that ‘downs’ meant chalk uplands in ancient English. For some reason our modern ancestors borrowed it when they were looking for a snappier way of saying ‘descending.’…