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Diabetic Dad Runs arse

What does type-one diabetes look like? 

Sorry if you’re eating… for this is my arse. Not literally, of course; mine’s not quite so orange and is a lot larger. I was asked to make this monstrosity by medical device development company Team. Well, kind of. They didn’t specify that I should make a model of a gross, lumpy little backside; they wanted an object or character…

First 75 miles: pace

The first 75 miles: Built for comfort, not for speed?

As Howlin’ Wolf used to sing, I’m built for comfort, not for speed. I’ve run 75 miles since I started this blog. That’s 13 hours and 40 minutes huffing up and down hills and puffing along Hove seafront. Since 30 June, I’ve laced up my trainers on 24 occasions. My pace, averaged out over the course of these runs, has…