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Three disgusting ways running has changed my body

Three disgusting ways running has changed my body

I know what you’re thinking: running is supposed to improve your physical health. And all in all it has. I’m probably fitter now than I’ve ever been. Regular Crossfit sessions seem to be keeping my steadily rising weekly mileage (see this week’s schedule below) from injuring me and the thinking time running affords is invaluable. But I haven’t been completely…

Do you really need toenails?

Do you really need toenails?

This week I lost my left big toenail. After the Surrey Hills Ultra last September it went a deathly black (37 miles in trainers that have seen better days will do that, apparently). It then went a peculiar jaundice yellow, cracked and would catch on my socks every morning as I got dressed. The kids used to cry when they…