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Why skipping training is sometimes good training 2

Why skipping training is sometimes good training

I’ve now been training for the Marathon des Cote for 12 weeks. That means, as I write this, there’s just less than 12 weeks until I set off at the crack of dawn to try and run the 186 miles of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path in West Wales in less than three days. To mark the half way point in…

Am I doing enough hill training?

Am I doing enough hill training?

It’s starting to worry me, the 15,000 plus feet I’ll be running uphill in June. That’s nearly three miles up. It’s bothering me more than the 186 mile distance of the Marathon des Cote (MdC) right now. Yes, I’ll be doing it over three days, and what goes up must come down – there’s more or less the same distance…

Five rants of a running widow (AKA my Mrs)

Five rants of a running widow (AKA my Mrs)

The Mrs (that’s not her in the picture) says she’s feeling like a running widow. That’s despite my best efforts to minimise the impact this obsession with running very slowly for very long distances takes on family life. She’s mostly joking (I think). She supports me (I think) in this daft idea I have of running the entire 186-mile Pembrokeshire…