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Britain's most brutal footrace? 3

The Marathon des Cote: Britain’s most brutal footrace?

I was completely and utterly out of my depth. My blood sugar level was 23mmol (it should be about five). The hills were taller, steeper and more frequent than I was expecting. I was three hours and 10 miles into a footrace that would take at least another three days and 176 miles to complete. If I could just keep…

Is 66.6 miles an omen?

Is 66.6 miles an omen?

Things are getting scary. I’ve just received the itinerary for the Marathon des Cote (MdC), the 180 mile plus beast I’ll be doing in three months. It looks awful, but I can’t wait. So this week I’m heading to Wales to try out some of the route. See the schedule below (the runs marked MdC will be on the route).…

Monday's Rundays

Why I’ve written my own training plan for 2018

Enough with the festivities! I feel like I’m 80% turkey, sage, onion and sausage meat right now. Home is stuffy and strewn with Lego. I felt like a pig in blanket when the kids woke me this morning. And they’ve gone feral. They tore each other to shreds over a chocolate coin found melted to the underside of a sofa…