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Hill repeats from hell in the Devil's Buttcrack

Hill repeats from hell in the Devil’s Buttcrack

I’ve found a new way of torturing myself: a two mile circuit that follows the northern rim of Devil’s Dyke (a 100 metre deep gorge near Brighton) before looping back up its middle. The other day I did three loops. I’ll be increasing the repetitions and revisiting every week (see this week’s plan below) between now and June’s Marathon des…

Am I doing enough hill training?

Am I doing enough hill training?

It’s starting to worry me, the 15,000 plus feet I’ll be running uphill in June. That’s nearly three miles up. It’s bothering me more than the 186 mile distance of the Marathon des Cote (MdC) right now. Yes, I’ll be doing it over three days, and what goes up must come down – there’s more or less the same distance…

Video: Can a Power Breathe help me run uphill faster?

Fifteen thousand two hundred and eight feet. I can’t really fathom what that number means in reality. All I know is that this is the combined uphill distance I’m going to have to haul myself over in June in the Marathon des Cote. Never mind the 182 miles I’ll be running; it’s the hills that are keeping me awake at the moment.

So I’ve splashed out on a new bit of kit in the hope it will somehow make the hills slightly less awful. See below for the first leg of a very unscientific experiment – the aim is to try and see if the Power Breathe Fitness Plus can actually help me run uphill any more easily. I can report it’s already had one benefit: I slept like a baby after running up that hill.