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Why I’m running 186 miles for T1International

Without insulin, you die. Yet it’s estimated that half of the world’s type one diabetics live without adequate access to the hormone most of us take for granted [T1International]. Even in countries where insulin is available, many cannot afford to pay for it. In the US, where the price of insulin has more than tripled in a decade, people are dying because they cannot afford medication that’s free here in the UK on the NHS. Charity T1International is campaigning to change this.

In the below film you’ll meet Ruth, a 16 year old living with type one diabetes in Ghana who’s been put through school by T1International. She’s determined not to let the condition, which is an effective death sentence for most Africans diagnosed with diabetes, from stopping her realise her dream of becoming a nurse.  There’s Cate, from Kenya, where T1International is uniting diabetics to negotiate lower prices on the drugs they need and Karyn in the US, who has seen fellow diabetics die as a result of exorbitant insulin prices.

This is why I’m running 186 miles for T1International

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On 14 June 2018 I am starting the three day, 186 mile Marathon des Cote, a foot race that covers the entire Pembrokeshire Coast Path. No one is known to have ever completed the route in less than four days. I hope I’ve made my motives clear: that people are dying because they cannot access or afford a drug that has been in existence for more than a century is a scandal. Please donate whatever you can to help T1International end this. You can donate by visiting my Just Giving page, here.

lessons from marathon des sables

Three lessons from Marathon des Sables 33 day one

It’s all kicking off in Morocco right now. Today is day two of the Marathon des Sables 2018, and I’ve been glued to social media following the 977 nutjobs competing in the event. It’s making it hard to concentrate on my training this week (and it’s a big week – see below), knowing that in a year I will be…

Can the Marathon des Sables help me control diabetes? 2

Can the Marathon des Sables help me control diabetes?

I’m in! On Thursday morning I secured my place in the Marathon des Sables [MdS] 2019. That means that in just over a year I will be attempting to run 150 plus miles in six days across the Sahara Desert. That’s right: me, my dodgy pancreas and all the medication it takes to keep me alive in the world’s biggest,…

Monday's Rundays: Five lessons from the Beast from the East

Five lessons from the Beast from the East

The little corner of southeast England I call home ground to a halt last week as the ‘Beast from the East’ blew in. The trains stopped running; the sprogs’ schools closed; the news was filled with  warnings of how the Beast would eat alive anyone daft enough to go out driving in it. But for me the running continued. 4…