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Why an insulin pump is my dream running kit

Running 40 or so miles a week for the past fortnight has been a breeze. Not really. It just feels like that, relative to dealing with diabetes at the same time. See, control of this condition requires consistency, as far as I can tell (see the disclaimer below). And when you’re training for a 186 mile race, setting up a…

‘You’re a fat c**t and always will be’

Excuse my French. But these were the parting words of a bloke I had the misfortune of meeting a few years ago. I forget his name, so let’s just call him Slime Ball. It’s an appropriate sobriquet. He had a pot of wet look gel on his head and had been doused in cheap aftershave the day I met him.…

Video: Can a Power Breathe help me run uphill faster?

Fifteen thousand two hundred and eight feet. I can’t really fathom what that number means in reality. All I know is that this is the combined uphill distance I’m going to have to haul myself over in June in the Marathon des Cote. Never mind the 182 miles I’ll be running; it’s the hills that are keeping me awake at the moment.

So I’ve splashed out on a new bit of kit in the hope it will somehow make the hills slightly less awful. See below for the first leg of a very unscientific experiment – the aim is to try and see if the Power Breathe Fitness Plus can actually help me run uphill any more easily. I can report it’s already had one benefit: I slept like a baby after running up that hill.

Monday’s Rundays: How to train for an ultra marathon and stay married

One week in, 23 to go until I attempt to run 186 miles in three days along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. And, considering I’ve run more in the past week than I did in the whole of December (it was a mental month, workwise), I feel pretty good overall. Three things are feeling the strain: my calves; a rather intimate…

12 batshit crazy runs for 2018

I’m starting to question my sanity. It was probably the excitement of quitting my job; as the last issue of the magazine I’d been working on for the past eight years went to press before Christmas, I went on a spending spree, entering June’s three day, 186 mile Marathon des Cote and September’s Mt Snowdon Ultra 100. ‘Bat shit crazy’…

Minute long marathon: 26 miles on the Costa Brava

I love Spain’s Costa Brava. But last summer it nearly broke me. The Mrs says I only have myself to blame. We were supposed to be on holiday, but I decided the heatwave we were enjoying was the perfect opportunity to get in some training for the Marathon des Sables. So I got up at 4am and spent the rest of the morning clambering up and down the area’s beautiful cliff paths, across its beaches and through its forests. Here’s what I found!

I’m doing all this to help create a world free from type one diabetes and help people living with the condition. I’m raising funds for JDRF, T1 International and Diabetes UK. Please visit my JustGiving page!

Monday's Rundays

Why I’ve written my own training plan for 2018

Enough with the festivities! I feel like I’m 80% turkey, sage, onion and sausage meat right now. Home is stuffy and strewn with Lego. I felt like a pig in blanket when the kids woke me this morning. And they’ve gone feral. They tore each other to shreds over a chocolate coin found melted to the underside of a sofa…