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Should I do the Brighton Marathon as a training run?

Monday’s Rundays: Should I do the Brighton Marathon as a training run?

I’m now half way through my 24 week plan for the Marathon des Cote (MdC). And I feel great. Last week was an intense week (so the coming seven days are about recovery – see below). I ran just over 62 miles, some  on the MdC route on the stunning Pembrokeshire Coast Path in West Wales. I feel so great…

Is 66.6 miles an omen?

Monday’s Rundays: Is 66.6 miles an omen?

Things are getting scary. I’ve just received the itinerary for the Marathon des Cote (MdC), the 180 mile plus beast I’ll be doing in three months. It looks awful, but I can’t wait. So this week I’m heading to Wales to try out some of the route. See the schedule below (the runs marked MdC will be on the route).…

Monday's Rundays: Five lessons from the Beast from the East

Monday’s Rundays: Five lessons from the Beast from the East

The little corner of southeast England I call home ground to a halt last week as the ‘Beast from the East’ blew in. The trains stopped running; the sprogs’ schools closed; the news was filled with  warnings of how the Beast would eat alive anyone daft enough to go out driving in it. But for me the running continued. 4…

will long socks heal my calves?

Monday’s Rundays: Will long socks help heal my calves?

The miles are starting to take their toll. My calves are as tight as a piglet’s arse. It can take up to three miles before they start to loosen up on a run. Because last week was recovery week, most of my runs were no longer than five or so miles (the longest was nine). That means most of my…

Is running getting in the way of work?

Monday’s Rundays: Is running getting in the way of work?

There I was: sweaty forehead, still out of breath, nipples protruding through running shirt like cue tips. “Radio?” said the lady at the BBC Brighton studio reception. “No, I’m sure it’s television. Yes. You’re live on BBC World News. On the business slot.” It was like an anxiety dream where you realise you’re stark bollock naked at an important work…

Am I doing enough hill training?

Monday’s Rundays: Am I doing enough hill training?

It’s starting to worry me, the 15,000 plus feet I’ll be running uphill in June. That’s nearly three miles up. It’s bothering me more than the 186 mile distance of the Marathon des Cote (MdC) right now. Yes, I’ll be doing it over three days, and what goes up must come down – there’s more or less the same distance…

Why runners should do Crossfit

Monday’s Rundays: Five reasons why runners should do Crossfit

It’s getting difficult fitting it all in. Not the running – although I skipped my short run at the weekend, I managed to make up the miles in the other four outings of the week, totting up a weekly mileage just shy of 45. It’s the extra strength & conditioning stuff that’s suffering. I just can’t fit it all in.…