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Natural Ketosis Co

Review: Can Natural Ketosis help diabetics beat the odds stacked against them?

The odds are stacked against diabetics. Type-one men have an average life expectancy of 66 years. That’s 11 years below average, according to a recent Scottish study (Colhoun, Jan 15, if you’re interested). Type-one women shouldn’t expect to live far beyond 68, or 13 years below average. The same study behind these cheery statistics sheds light on what’s bumping us…


Running on Air review: Three ways this book could help you run better

Three; two; three; two; three; two. For every three steps you inhale. For every two you exhale. Up your pace and switch. Two; one. Inhale for two. Exhale for one. Want to really leg it? Then switch again. Two; one; one; one. Inhale for two; exhale; inhale; exhale. This simple formula – outlined in Running on Air by Budd Coates & Claire…

Pearl Izumi EM M3 review

Pearl Izumi review: The best runners I’ve ever had

First, a confession: what first attracted me to these shoes wasn’t the seamless, breathable upper (perfect for keeping the tootsies cool and blister-free), thick cushioning or decent arch (ideal for my moderate over-pronation); it was their colour. Others have called Pearl Izumi’s rather lurid colour schemes obnoxious and gaudy, but there was nothing I wanted more than to be rocking these…