Is running getting in the way of work?

There I was: sweaty forehead, still out of breath, nipples protruding through running shirt like cue tips. “Radio?” said the lady at the BBC Brighton studio reception. “No, I’m sure it’s television. Yes. You’re live on BBC World News. On the business slot.”

It was like an anxiety dream where you realise you’re stark bollock naked at an important work meeting. But I was in SHORT shorts and hoodie, about to be broadcast to up to 300 million homes in 200 countries and speak as a serious business journalist (my day job) about Coca-Cola’s Q4 2017 results.

I’m sure they’d said ‘radio’ when they called late the previous day, so I thought it’d be a chance to test my theory that two runs a day will help me get in the miles around work. So I ran five miles there, thinking no one would be any the wiser, planning another 12 after. Work was getting in the way of the running again. Or…

Is running getting in the way of work?

I once wrote a post questioning whether running twice a day was madness. Truth be told, I’m probably not the best judge on madness, given that I’m aiming to run the Marathon des Sables next year and a couple of other batshit mental outings in the build up to it.

Sure, most will say such antics are certifiable, but all this without adequate training would be even more insane. And running twice in one day seems the only way of getting the miles in at the moment. I do have a job, three kids and a wife to keep on top of, after all.

So, last week’s sweaty appearance on the BBC notwithstanding, running twice a day is perfectly sane and logical, actually. It helped me get through the last seven days, my second intense week in preparation for June’s three day, 186 mile Marathon des Cote, during which I clocked up nearly 60 miles.

Is running getting in the way of work?

This week (see the schedule above) is a recovery week (thank god!), so there shouldn’t be any need for doubling up in the coming days. But I will do it again once the mileage starts inching up again.

Actually, the interview went okay, the lady at the studio gave me some loo roll for the sweaty brow and leant me a rather fetching fleece to obscure the sweat patches and nipples (it was a cold day) before I went live. And I got my miles in (see below). I knew my stuff in the interview; that’s what matters isn’t it?

I’ll let you be the judge, the Beeb have said they’ll send me a copy of the interview. I’ll post it when it arrives!

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