Am I doing enough hill training?

It’s starting to worry me, the 15,000 plus feet I’ll be running uphill in June. That’s nearly three miles up. It’s bothering me more than the 186 mile distance of the Marathon des Cote (MdC) right now. Yes, I’ll be doing it over three days, and what goes up must come down – there’s more or less the same distance of descent – but this question keeps coming back to me:

Am I doing enough hill training?

Am I doing enough hill training?

Last week, the answer to that question was a resounding no. Work got in the way and I only got out for three runs, totting up 30 miles rather than the 50 or so I was aiming for. It wasn’t a complete write off though. The three Crossfit sessions I managed gave the quads and glutes a good workout and I ran two of the three runs over hilly terrain.

Trouble is, I’m not sure if they’re the right kind of hills. I know that sounds nuts, but bear with me. See, the MdC will take me along the entire Pembrokeshire Coast Path in south west Wales. And it’s craggier than an angina sufferer’s heart rate. The first 20 miles or so will take me from sea level up cliffs 500 ft plus high and down again, three times. I know this isn’t Snowdonia, but I’m used to running on rolling hills here in Sussex. So I’m crapping myself.

For this week’s schedule (see above) I’ve made some changes. Three of my five runs will be on said rolling hills. Only one will be along Brighton seafront, which is pancake flat. There will also be one hill repeats session (basically, that’s running up and down the steepest hill I can find for a set period). My longest run will start with a five mile slog up to the beautiful South Downs. See the above tweet for the stunning view that awaits me when I get there.

So at least there’s something to distract me.


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