Why I’ve written my own training plan for 2018

Enough with the festivities! I feel like I’m 80% turkey, sage, onion and sausage meat right now. Home is stuffy and strewn with Lego. I felt like a pig in blanket when the kids woke me this morning. And they’ve gone feral. They tore each other to shreds over a chocolate coin found melted to the underside of a sofa cushion yesterday.

Monday's Rundays

I need to go running. I mean really need to go. And not just for my sanity. In six months I’m taking part in the first ever Marathon des Cote (MdC) as part of my push to raise funds to find a cure for type one diabetes and help people living with the condition. Thing is, there’s no off the peg training schedule for this one.

Why I’ve written my own 2018 training plan

No one has ever run the entire Pembrokeshire Coast Path in three days, according to the organisers of the MdC. They want to change all that. The MdC is a multi stage ultra covering all 186 miles of the route from 15 to 17 June 2018. That this is a first is reason one for why I’ve taken to writing my own training schedule for the next six months.

Next is that this is my first multi stage event, after having completed a handful of single day races (including the Isle of Wight Ultra) in 2017. As a type one diabetic, running 60 plus miles a day for three days and maintaining a semblance of control over my blood sugar levels is going to take a lot of trial and error. So I decided to write my own plan.


The next 24 weeks will follow a sequence of two moderate training weeks, one intense and one easy. Each week will include hill training and culminate with three back to back long run days to get me used to running on tired legs (something that will be key for my eventual goal, the Marathon des Sables 2019). As the weeks progress the mileage will increase, from around 40 miles to 100ish before I begin to taper for the MdC.

It’s not just about running though. To avoid injury and continue my recovery from a frozen shoulder, I will also be following a plan of strength & conditioning targeting my legs, core and so on (this will be a series of lunges, bridges, clams, squats, handstands, etc). For fun and to build general fitness, I will be attending my local Crossfit box for regular work outs (or ‘WODs’ in Crossfit speak).

Will let you know how I get on!

Disclaimer: I have no medical training. I am not a doctor, a nutritionist, a physio or a sports therapist; I doubt they’d even give me job handing out oranges at half time of a football match. I am just a type-one diabetic and former fat bloke with a stupid idea. This blog is my account of following that idea to its conclusion. Do not attempt anything similar without seeking prior medical (and psychiatric) advice.

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