How much wine should I drink before I run?

What’s happened to me? I’m visiting a vineyard tomorrow, to write about an exciting business that’s helping to drive the explosive growth of English wine for the day job. And it’s bound to involve a tasting. And someone else is driving. Hurrah!

Or so you’d think. Once upon a time, I’d be whooping along with you, my only concern how much wine I could neck whilst maintaining a semblance of professionalism (i.e. limiting the slurring/swearing/peeing against the vines and NOT doing the Lucky Blue T Shirt joke). Now, it’s this: how am I going to fit my run in?


As you can see from this week’s schedule (pictured), I’m due to do do 50 minutes interval training tomorrow. I can’t do it before the vineyard trip as I have other work commitments and I can’t postpone it until the next day as that would mean no decent rest day before Sunday’s hill training.

Talk about a running dilemma (a first world piffle, admittedly): I can’t not drink tomorrow (how could I then write convincingly about them?), but I can’t skip the run either. So tomorrow’s challenge is to sample the wine, but not too much (this is going to be tough; I’ve heard it’s good) and still be fit enough for training in the evening.

It might be my toughest challenge yet…

  One thought on “How much wine should I drink before I run?

  1. May 20, 2016 at 11:07 am

    So how did it go? I have only ever run twice post happy hour. Two glasses of wine did not mess with my run. Dare I say it made it more enjoyable? Interestingly, any run the morning or day after alcohol has not been a good run. Maybe there is something to running right after?

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    • May 20, 2016 at 1:50 pm

      Ha! I like your thinking! Let’s start a drunk runners club! I had four glasses at lunch and was fine by seven that evening for my run. It might have even enhanced it! Thanks for reading and commenting!


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