If black pudding pork scratchings are WRONG, I don’t want to be RIGHT

Just about everyone I’ve mentioned these to has proclaimed the very idea the work of a sick mind. Apart from my daughter (pictured), who is fast following in my footsteps and becoming a fiend for pork scratchings. But if Openshaws Black Pudding Pork Scratchings really are as wrong as everyone says they are, quite frankly, I don’t want to be right.

imageThis is food of the gods. Each perfectly crackled curl of pork rind tastes like a full English breakfast. I was sent them by the chaps at Freshers Foods after I wrote about how my low carb diet and penchant for pork fat had sent my cholesterol level soaring. I don’t think they’re trying to kill me; the rationale is that by putting them in 45g packs rather than the bags often twice that size sold in Tesco, I’ll eat less, without having to cut out this porky pleasure altogether.


Of course, scratchings are full of saturated fat, so should be eaten in moderation. But they also contain next to no carbs (as far as I can tell, the ‘black pudding’ coating on these little beauties doesn’t have any impact on this), making them a great snack for me because they don’t cause my blood sugar to spike. Still, I need to cut down; I don’t want the price of better blood sugar control to be sky high cholesterol.

Now Sprog the Elder has been introduced to the delights of pork scratchings, my consumption has fallen dramatically. She can detect the rustle of a bag at 100 paces; Saturday night has become ‘scratchings night’. Proof, I suppose, that I’m a terrible parent. For more proof see the book (pictured) that’s fast becoming Sprog the Younger’s favourite.


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