Running tracks: Air drumming over the hill with Slayer

Slayer DIabetic Dad RunsThrash metal’s not really my thing. But on Sunday afternoon thrash gods Slayer helped me get over a hill that would have otherwise floored me.

See, I’m not used to hills. I live by the sea; the prom I can be found plodding along most mornings has an incline of zero. Thing is though, hills are important. In fact they’re going to be crucial if I’m ever going to get anywhere near the Sahara.

So on Sunday I headed out to the South Downs for my 30 minute run and plugged in my current running playlist. The Downs are beautiful: great rolling rumps of green; the sea on one side; the Weald and North Downs on the other.

The hills aren’t so beautiful when you’ve still only half way up. On Sunday’s run I climbed the equivalent of 331ft, according to Runkeeper. The last 100 were downright ugly. That’s when Slayer kicked in and pushed me over the top.

Which got me thinking: my running playlists are constantly changing; as I get bored of a song it loses its power to push me along so I delete it and find it another.

I therefore want to make a log of the songs that kept me going in each training phase. So here goes…

July’s Top 3 Running Tracks

  1. Disciple, Slayer

God hates us all, apparently. This is brutal, nasty metal. But damn it’s good. I wasn’t too in love with my final hill when this kicked in on Sunday. Somehow it flicked a switch. I ended up cresting the hill air drumming to all the thrash madness… straight into a family out walking the dog. Whoops.

  1. Iko Iko, Club des Belugas

And then up popped German jazz fusionistas Club des Belugas with this carnival house version of Iko Iko, the song made famous by the Dustin Hoffman film Rainman! Like legging it through Mardi Gras naked! Glockenspiel!  Rolling snares! Horns! Lover machines! Boom!

  1. Roy’s Gang, Seasick Steve

Old Seasick sounds (and looks) like a hillbilly on crystal meth in this one. That’s a good thing, by the way. With his trademark gravely drawl against a grinding, trancelike blues backdrop, Steve promises to rock our socks off. And he does just that.

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